About Vistas

It is a well known fact that the personality of a person is formed at the tender age of 0-6 years. Realizing, the importance of this phase in one’s life, especially in today’s competitive world, a group of well experienced educationists have established a Montessori House of Children. That is Vistas Montessori.

The philosophy here is to give the fundamental respect for the child, keeping in view the spirit of Dr. Maria Montessori.

Studies have revealed that the early years are a very crucial period in the development of a child. Dr. Maria Montessori called this period “the absorbent mind”. The child actually absorbs knowledge like a sponge, and the prepared environment of the Montessori classroom is the perfect place for this transformation to happen. Following the Montessori method with utmost care and affection, Vistas aims at bringing out the inherent intelligence, talents, emotional strength, physical coordination and developmental skills.

Located at a convenient place on Bannerghatta Road, South Bangalore, Vistas offers a “home away from home” for the children.